Revised Guidance Documents Cover 35 Radiology Topics, Practice Parameters, and Technical Standards

The ACR has developed three new guidance documents and revised 32 others to advance the science of radiology and improve the quality of service to patients. The guidance documents are posted on the ACR website and take effect October 1. All ACR practice parameters and technical standards are available at no charge. 

"Each practice parameter and technical standard represents a policy statement by the ACR. Each document is an educational tool that addresses the indications, technique, personnel qualifications, and recommended methods of interpretation and documentation specific to its topic," says Matthew Pollack, MD, FACR, chair of the ACR Committee on Practice Parameters and Technical Standards. "Every practice parameter and technical standard undergoes an extensive review process prior to final approval for publication and dissemination."

The two new multisociety Practice Parameters address the performance of dopamine transporter SPECT imaging for movement disorders and cardiac PET/CT imaging. The new multisociety Technical Standard focuses on diagnostic procedures using radiopharmaceuticals.
The revised documents cover imaging modality, organ or body system, and radiology subspecialties.

Source: ACR