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Editor's e-Note
Typically when you attend the AHRA annual meeting, you hear a fair amount of radiologist bashing. Similarly, when you attend radiologist meetings, you tend to hear similar hospital criticism. Much of that is just human nature, the standoffish nature of “us vs them.”

But there was a different vibe at AHRA’s 2015 annual meeting that wound its way through several sessions: Hospitals and radiology groups are recognizing a need to greatly improve their efforts at working together for the benefit of both, despite their history of not doing so.

— Jim Knaub, editor
e-News Exclusive
Health Care Is a Team Sport
By Jim Knaub

Douglas G. Smith, FRBMA, calls health care a team sport. He makes an excellent point. Speaking at AHRA’s 2015 annual meeting last month, the managing partner of Integrated Medical Partners said radiology groups and hospital imaging departments should recognize that they’re on same team—despite their mutual tradition of too often not seeing it that way.

“We need [hospitals and radiology groups] to work as partners,” Smith said. “There are things that hospitals understand about what’s happening with populations and patients that the physicians don’t. There are things that physicians know that hospitals don’t have any visibility of—why don’t we share that together? Why don’t we manage this right to all our benefit?”

As health care starts a migration from predominantly fee-for-service reimbursement, through bundled reimbursement, toward value- and merit-based models where providers bear much greater financial risk, Smith sees both hospitals and radiologists benefitting from greater alignment of their shared purpose of delivering high-value imaging care. The days are over when every group in health care can cut their own generous slice out of a large, rapidly growing health care pie.

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