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5 Things to Watch in 2015
Once again, Radiology Today chooses five subjects that we believe will merit your attention in the coming year..

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  • Reporter's Notebook: RSNA 2014
    Read about the latest research findings presented at RSNA 2014.

  • Firm Plans
    The use of manual palpation limits physicians' diagnosis ability to the areas of the body that are accessible by their hands. However, through the use of ultrasound elastography, doctors can now reach farther into the human body to help diagnose a variety of ailments.

  • Reducing PET Dose
    For years, an emphasis has been placed on dose reduction in CT exams. Yet PET scans, which can expose patients to as much or more ionizing radiation than CT alone, have not received anywhere near the same amount of attention, causing some in the field to ask why.

  • Lung Cancer Screening's Changing Tide
    The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services proposed coverage of low-dose CT lung cancer screening for certain patients last year. It's not clear how the expanded screening might unfold in day-to-day use.

    By Kanwar Singh, MD; Rayhan S. Hai, MD; and Pramod Gupta, MD
    A 39-year-old woman with history of C-section presented with complaint of intermittent left abdominal pain with a palpable nodule for the past six months. The pain coincided with her menstrual cycle.. Continue reading»
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