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Opening Up the Skies
In this month's cover story, Radiology Today examines trends in cloud computing affecting radiologists and related multidisciplinary professionals.

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Harmonizing Breast Images
Synthesized 2D images bring a new view to breast imaging with less radiation. Early results have shown great promise for patient convenience and peace of mind.

Expanding the Boundaries
Volumetric MRI represents a step forward in technique and technology. The imaging software offers new options for measuring disease-related brain changes and is of particular interest in the diagnosis of Alzheimer's.

Protecting the Team
We all know that patients have to be protected from unnecessary radiation exposure. Here, we take a look at dose safety and management for your imaging staff.

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Managed Technology Services: A Solution for Rural Providers
By Gaurish G. Surlakar, MD


A 5-year-old child presented with a clinical history of acute quadriparesis. Additional symptoms included fever and malaise for several weeks prior to admission. There was no additional significant past medical history. Cerebrospinal fluid analysis revealed mild lymphocytic pleocytosis, elevated protein level, and a normal glucose level. MRI of the brain and cervical/thoracic spine was performed.
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