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Young Athletes and Head Trauma
The use of imaging for suspected head trauma in youth athletes remains a delicate balancing act for many radiologists who must weigh the pros and cons of potential radiation exposure.

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Restrictive Covenants
When joining a new practice, radiologists should read any noncompete clauses in their contract very closely to ensure that the restrictions won't prevent them from being able to work elsewhere in the future.

At Their Service
In another example of radiologists leaving the reading room and getting out in the field, radiologists were invited to be part of the onsite medical team at the US Open 2015 Tennis Championships.

VNA: Should You?
It takes good project management, but for most hospitals the answer is becoming yes—even for many smaller facilities.

By Sara Ali, MD; Adil Omer, MD; and Dane Blumenthal, MD
A 33-year-old Hispanic female with no significant past medical history presented to a breast clinic complaining of a painful left breast mass of one month duration. She reported no family history of breast carcinoma or history of breast surgery. Clinical breast examination revealed a 4 cm mass in the left breast without skin changes. Mammography and breast ultrasound were then performed. Continue reading»
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