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They Could Be Heroes
A documentary series helps shine a light on patients undergoing minimally invasive, image-guided procedures and the interventional radiologists who treat them.

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Imaging Across the Spectrum
Spectral imaging and other advances offer new possibilities for CT as image quality, resolution, and improvements in workflow are becoming more important to customers.

Chart a Course for Success
Clinical specialists and executives are developing and implementing enterprise imaging strategies to chart a course toward consolidated patient data.

Improved Focus
MR-guided focused ultrasound is proving to be a safe, effective treatment for tumors in children and young adults.

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Beyond the DR 'Tipping Point'
By Mathieu Sabbagh, DO; Hadi Bazzi, DO; and Brett Arnkoff, MD


A 21-year-old woman presented for an outpatient nonenhanced CT of the abdomen and pelvis due to left flank pain. The imaging study was followed by a contrast-enhanced MRI of the abdomen. Laboratory studies, including a comprehensive metabolic panel, complete blood count, and 24-hour urine metanephrines and vanillylmandelic acid, were within normal limits. Continue reading »
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