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From the Arcade to the Reading Room
Taking a page from the virtual reality gamer's playbook, Project Clara upgrades imaging modalities with cutting-edge visuals and ratchets imaging up a notch.

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Time for a Change?
Upgrades, retrofits, refurbs—the variables can be imposing. Hear what some experts have to say about the assessment and management of the CT life cycle.

Socially Acceptable
Twitter, Facebook, and related platforms have revolutionized the dissemination of information. Insiders show why there's no reason radiologists shouldn't keep pace.

Remote Access
Time is always a crucial factor impacting patient care, but teleultrasound is giving time-strapped radiologists the upper hand—not to mention a much wider range of coverage.

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Michael John Benzaia: From CT Screens to TV Screens
By Margaret M. Fynes, MD, and Nathaniel E. Shalom, MD

A 30-year-old man was admitted to the emergency department (ED) after developing acute onset chest pain and difficulty breathing. A chest X-ray suggested a loose left C6 screw. The patient had previously undergone C6-7 anterior cervical discectomy with fusion (ACDF), 18 months prior to admission, for a large C6-7 herniated nucleus pulposus on the right side and severe C7 radiculopathy. He did well for many months. In the five to six months prior to admission, he complained of increasing neck pain and some swallowing difficulty. He was found to have a pseudoarthrosis and was initially treated nonsurgically. His symptoms worsened, however, and a cervical spine radiograph two months previous demonstrated a 2 mm back-out of one of the top screws. A posterior cervical fusion/revision was planned before the patient presented emergently. Continue reading »
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