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Over the past 15 years, PET/CT has replaced standalone PET as the primary tool for many cancer diagnoses. Now researchers are investigating how PET/MRI may provide better information in some cases, as well as reduced radiation exposure.

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Radiology Today Interview: Teleradiology, Young Radiologists, and the Future
Greg Rose, MD, PhD, CEO of Rays, a teleradiology company based in Littleton, Colorado, recently discussed where he thinks teleradiology and radiology in general are headed.

Notification Also Needs Education
Nearly half the states have dense breast notification laws, and a bill for a national law has been introduced in Congress. Yet, an educational gap between imagers and primary care physicians remains a hurdle that the industry will need to conquer.

CT Technology Update: Dual-Energy Duel
Recent buzz regarding CT has centered on a handful of topics, most notably CT for lung cancer screening and multienergy exams. Not surprisingly, these are areas in which companies have focused their new products.

By Kanwar Singh, MD; Rayhan S. Hai, MD; and Pramod Gupta, MD
A 39-year-old woman with history of C-section presented with complaint of intermittent left abdominal pain with a palpable nodule for the past six months. The pain coincided with her menstrual cycle.. Continue reading»
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