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Mobile DR Advances
Refinements to DR portability, connectivity, and reliability are making it easier for X-ray technologists to consistently produce impressive results.

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Pressing Issue
Patient comfort is a paramount factor influencing a woman's decision to undergo potentially life-saving mammography. Practices are taking this into account and seeing an uptick in image quantity and quality.

It Takes Two
Combining imaging and surgery units into one convenient location, hybrid operating rooms are transforming medical practice by streamlining the patient—and health care provider—experience.

Clean Sweep
Reducing health care–associated infection, as prioritized by The Joint Commission and others, presents specific challenges and opportunities to the radiology industry.

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A Rose for Emily … and Jennifer and Maria and …
By Alex Merkulov, MD

A 41-year-old woman presented to her oncologist with a focal, rapidly enlarging, firm, right midforearm soft tissue volar mass. The lesion was not painful, and the forearm was not tender. There was no history of trauma. The patient had a remote history of breast cancer, which had been treated with mastectomy. The patient underwent a targeted ultrasound of the volar soft tissues of her right forearm and a subsequent ultrasound-guided percutaneous biopsy using a 16-gauge Temno needle. Continue reading »
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