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Radiology in 3D
Medical 3D printing is growing exponentially in popularity and radiologists are currently at the forefront of the movement, but they must work to remain heavily involved in the process.

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A Question of Control
Within all aspects of radiology, taking steps to prevent the transmission of health care‚Äďassociated infections will safeguard patients and workers, as well as the field's reputation regarding infection control and safety issues.

What's Your Plan?
HIPAA requires all health care providers to have a disaster recovery plan in place, and for radiologists, that can mean anything from offsite data storage to storing information in the cloud and everything in between.

The State of CR Affairs
Recent legislation that alters the way CR reimbursement will function will likely officially close the book on the use of CR.

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Radiology At Your Fingerprints
By Sarah E. Browning, DO
Three-year-old male born at full term via C-section with past medical history of global developmental delay presents with three months of worsening ataxia, headaches, and multiple episodes of emesis over the week prior to presentation. Pertinent examination findings include generalized hypotonia, slightly dysarthric speech, dysconjugate gaze, and a wide-based, ataxic gait. Continue reading»
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