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An Interoperability Progress Report
The path to efficient patient data sharing is smoother, but there are still hurdles.

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Untangling Dialysis Circuit Coding
The largest-ever revamp of its kind is set to end confusion and inconsistencies.

Y Not?
Researchers are asking, "Why not?" regarding Y90 radioembolization outside the liver.

A Tale of Two C-Arms
Fixed and mobile C-arm usage is growing. Find out how health care facilities are choosing between them.

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Finding Value at the Intersection of Price and Quality
By Kathryn Becker; Miguel Ramirez, MD; and Alex Merkulov, MD

A 43-year-old woman presented for a diagnostic mammogram. She reported two right breast areas of palpable concern (marked via skin markers), one focal palpable area at 5:00/6:00 (Figure 1) and the other at 6:00 (Figure 2). There was no family history of breast cancer. Continue reading »
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