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MRI Technology Update: Need for Speed
MRI manufacturers, noting an increased expansion into smaller community hospitals, have adjusted their product lines in order to best serve those facilities.

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  • Armed With Information
    For more than a century, pitchers have suffered arm injuries—with what most perceived as little rhyme or reason—while playing baseball. However, a recent study of shoulder MRIs by researchers at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital may shed light on the cause of some of the most severe injuries.

  • Data Breach
    Health care organizations victimized by a data breach face a series of residual effects, including financial and reputational harm.

  • Proton Therapy and Cost
    While there is little debate about the effectiveness of proton therapy for treating certain cancers when compared with conventional radiation, the cost of the treatment has many institutes grappling with the idea of building and operating a proton therapy center.

  • Endovascular Stroke Treatment
    A recent study showed that a combination of an endovascular thrombectomy procedure and tissue plasminogen activator application to the clot produced better outcomes than the standard treatment. The result has produced optimism from those who support endovascular intervention.

    By Kanwar Singh, MD; Rayhan S. Hai, MD; and Pramod Gupta, MD
    A 39-year-old woman with history of C-section presented with complaint of intermittent left abdominal pain with a palpable nodule for the past six months. The pain coincided with her menstrual cycle.. Continue reading»
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