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3D Printing Takes Shape
The demand for 3D-printed models is only getting bigger, and radiologists promise to figure prominently as the awe-inspiring possibilities unfold.

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As legislation continues to influence radiology practice and manufacturers refine their products to stay ahead of the curve, CT is making a difference for radiologists in new and unexpected ways.

Balancing Act
Experts agree that even modest dose reductions can have a measurable impact on population health. To secure the best outcomes for patients and providers, best practices must figure prominently in the dose management discussion.

In the Flow: Part 1 — New Technology Helps Keep Radiology Work Flowing
In the first installment of a two-part series, we find out how radiology experts are staying ahead of their ever-growing quantities of imaging data and examine the ways artificial intelligence, cloud-based technology, and other innovations play heavily into their daily workflow.

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Spectral Detector CT: A Study Among Patients With Renal Insufficiency
By Alex Merkulov, MD

A 22-year-old obese woman presented for a workup of a palpable right medial breast mass and a palpable left axillary focal mass. According to the patient, the right breast mass was tender, waxed and waned in size, and had been present for about six months. It was located at 3:00 at posterior depth and was associated with a retracted skin track on physical exam. The left axillary mass was raised on physical exam and was associated with waxing and waning tenderness, according to the patient, who had been expressing fluid from the mass for about 12 months. Continue reading »
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