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Radiology Needs Better Workflow Tools
With greater requirements for value-based care, it is no longer enough for radiologists to share images and issue reports. Now, they need to provide timely information, track performance, and train younger radiologists, and the technology needs to adapt to meet these needs.

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Bedside Ultrasound
Not all conditions in the emergency department are immediately obvious to caregivers and these issues can be exacerbated if the patient is unable to speak. To circumvent these concerns, ultrasound has become more a common tool for physicians to promptly diagnosis and treat a variety of medical issues.

How Do Radiologists Fit Into ACOs?
The model for accountable care organizations continues to evolve as they become more widely used. Because of this, the role of radiology groups within this model continues to evolve as well, and there are steps these groups can take to ensure radiologists don't get left behind.

Direct Digital Drives Forward
The benefits of DR over CR can be seen throughout the industry. Still, for many health care providers, making that transition often comes down to cost. As a result, some manufacturers are putting a greater emphasis on price while others focus on speed and dose reduction.

By Guy Talmor and Peter Rothschild, MD
A 37-year-old female presented with headache after insertion of a pain pump. Continue reading»
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