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Virtual Radiology
A California company has developed software that enables radiologists, interventional and pediatric cardiologists, and other surgical specialists to actually see their patients' anatomy in open 3D space. This technology could have far-reaching effects in both practice and education.

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A New Landscape
Using functional MRI, researchers have recently made incredible strides in mapping the human brain in the hope that they will uncover information regarding brain connectivity, its relationship to behavior, and areas where certain disorders and disease may be observed.

Watson Joins the Digital Health Record Mix
As the use and implementation of artificial intelligence has begun creeping into radiology, IBM's Watson could end up leading the way.

Distributive Properties
Small- and medium-sized institutions across the country face a similar dilemma: How can they take advantage of the technology advances driving modern radiology as the price of entry keeps rising? To achieve this goal, teleradiology has moved beyond moving images and data around on a network to become something more comprehensive: distributed radiology services.

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New Windows Allow Natural Light Into Rad Therapy Rooms
By Rahul V. Pawar, MD
A 69-year-old woman presented with back pain and difficulty walking/gait instability. Past medical history includes hypertension and osteoarthritis. No history of cancer. Continue reading»
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