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Bridging the Gaps
Mergers, acquisitions, expansions, disparate data systems—all in a day's work for breast imaging enterprises looking to adapt to ever-changing regulatory standards while maintaining impeccable customer service. Learn how savvy facilities are applying IT to stay ahead of the curve.

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Evolving Expectations
Radiologists are unanimous that artificial intelligence will be integral to the practices of the future. Find out some novel applications being eyed for the near term, and others coming to fruition in the here and now.

Measuring Up
Echocardiography is an invaluable but nuanced tool in the fight against heart disease. When every second counts, diagnostic insight facilitated by deep learning technology can be the difference that it makes.

Sharp Insight
Combining a linear accelerator with MRI technology, MR-linacs are affording radiologists an unprecedented assessment of tumors, particularly those most affected by the ebb and flow of respiration, and promising ultratargeted radiation therapy.

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The Road to Radiology's AI Adoption Runs Through Workflow Integration
By Scott P. Patterson, MD; Robert E. Schilken, MD; and Richard H. Daffner, MD

A 30-year-old woman presented with a complaint of lateral left knee pain and swelling. She recalled simultaneously twisting and hyperextending her knee as she descended the stairs. Afterwards, she was unable to fully actively extend her knee. Physical exam revealed a small joint effusion with lateral joint line tenderness. Her anterior-posterior drawer test and varus-valgus stress test were negative. Preliminary radiographs of the knee revealed no osseous pathology. She was referred for an MRI of the left knee with a suspected lateral meniscal tear. Continue reading »
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