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Imaging in the NFL
Radiology, thanks to advances in both the field and technology, is playing an increasingly larger role in diagnosing National Football League players' injuries as they happen—often without having to leave the stadium.

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Gamma Imaging and Dense Breasts
Selecting the best adjunct imaging to complement mammography for women with dense breasts can be challenging. Some view nuclear gamma imaging as the most logical adjunct option.

Buy or Lease?
Take a look at the factors institutions use to decide whether to lease or purchase equipment.

Quantitation and Automation
Clinicians are searching for new methods to both better detect smaller lesions and quickly ascertain whether a patient is responding to current treatments. Scanner manufacturers are working to expand PET/CT tools and equipment to achieve that objective.

By Erin Rowe, MD; Alex Merkulov, MD; and Clifford Yang, MD
A 66-year-old woman presented with chest pain and had EKG findings consistent with inferior wall myocardial infarction. Continue reading»
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