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Reengineering Workflow
Many experts agree that quick fixes and short-term solutions to improve the efficiency of a radiology department are unwise and could have negative long-term financial consequences.

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Worth the Wait?
While changes to reimbursement for mammograms based on recommendations by the US Preventive Services Task Force loom, the industry remains divided as to the appropriate timetable for breast screening.

Gadolinium on the Brain
Gadolinium enhances the quality of MRI by altering the magnetic properties of water molecules that are nearby in the body and is widely believed to be safe. However, recent studies have found there may be negative long-term consequences in some instances.

The Buzz in DR
Over the past decade, facilities have switched from film and CR to DR, and industry insiders believe that trend will continue.

By Rahul V. Pawar, MD
A 34-year-old man with chronic hearing loss (since childhood) reported progressive headaches and intermittent dizziness. As part of a more comprehensive workup, he was referred for outpatient MRI.
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