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A Closer Look at Concussions
Although the long-term effects of concussions are still contested, researchers continue to look into how to more accurately diagnose the brain injuries, even when the patient does not display symptoms.

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Emerging Trends in Prostate Cancer Imaging
While PET/CT remains the standard for diagnosing prostate cancer, new modalities are starting to gain traction in both diagnosis and treatment.

Radiological Reads
Best-selling medical author Carolyn Jourdan, JD, speaks with Radiology Today about her career path and her time shadowing radiologists to gather research for her books.

Where Are We With XR-29?
Imaging departments are adapting to the mandate, but questions persist.

2016 Annual Buyers' Guide
Don't miss our annual directory of the latest imaging products and services.

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Overcome Key Challenges and Improve Safety in Radiology
By Rahul V. Pawar, MD
A 69-year-old woman presented to her primary physician complaining of a “raspy” voice for approximately one month. She denied having any dysphagia, chest pain, shortness of breath, or cough. After being referred to an ear, nose, and throat specialist, she was sent for outpatient imaging of the neck and chest. Continue reading»
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