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Another View of Breast Density
Amid the challenges associated with screening dense breast tissue, ultrasound modalities dedicated to breast diagnosis are gaining traction as a complement to traditional X-ray-based mammography.

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Ascending to the Next Level
A landmark study making the first-ever comparison between low dose rate prostate brachytherapy and traditional dose-escalated therapy has physicians rethinking their approach to patients with prostate cancer.

Extended Reach
Flat-panel detectors, 3D imaging, and motorization are a few trending topics in the mobile C-arm industry. Find out where things stand and where the industry is headed.

In the Flow: Part 2 — Equitable Scheduling Prevents Burnout, Delivers Better Patient Care
The second segment of our two-part series examines the personnel issues surrounding the modern radiology facility—subspecialties, timeliness, automation, wear and tear—and offers strategies to synchronize the many moving parts.

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Prostate Cancer Insights From IPCU 2018
By Alex Merkulov, MD

A 44-year-old man was admitted to the inpatient surgical service through the emergency department with moderate to severe lower abdominal pain. The patient reported several recent episodes of lower abdominal pain for which he was evaluated at different local emergency departments. In each of his three previous emergency department visits, no imaging studies or interventional procedures were performed. Continue reading »
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