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In the hope that no red flag goes unheeded, industry professionals are communicating with health care team members at every stage—even after radiological services are rendered.

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Traveling Companion
Recent advances in portability, clarity, battery technology, and cloud computing are being greeted warmly among imaging professionals, who are finding that ultrasound technology can be harnessed under novel circumstances and at substantial savings.

PET Projects
An uptick in AI-focused clinical research, which could herald a quantum leap forward in PET imaging, is catching the attention of nuclear medicine professionals.

Safety First
Despite an increased focus on MRI safety over the past decade, accidents still occur, sometimes with tragic consequences. We speak with some safety experts to outline best practices for the MRI suite.

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A Rose for Emily … and Jennifer and Maria and …
By Pramod Gupta, MD, and Soume Foshee, MD

A 61-year-old woman presented with a palpable right breast mass that had been present for two months. Right breast mammography was obtained, followed by a targeted right breast ultrasound. Her previous mammogram, performed two years prior at an outside institution, was not available for comparison. According to the patient, prior mammography results were reported to her as benign. The only other relevant past medical history included COPD and hyperlipidemia. Continue reading »
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