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Seeking Clarity
Radiologists still debate which modality provides the clearest view through the white cloud of dense breast tissue, but the early results of molecular breast imaging show promise.

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Setting the Pace
MRI has become more widely used in recent years, including in the segment of the population that has implanted cardiac devices. As a result, extra safety precautions must be taken.

Addressing Mammography's Prior Problem
The importance of prior studies for comparison in mammography reading is no secret to breast imagers, but limited resources and lack of knowledge often limit access to previous images.

Environmental Concerns
Ergonomically designed reading rooms can help improve the flow and quality of work, but many radiologists are still, for a variety of reasons, working in subpar rooms.

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Overcome Key Challenges and Improve Safety in Radiology
By Rahul V. Pawar, MD
Newborn infant, respiratory distress, inability to pass nasogastric (NG) tube. Nasal bone CT reveals narrowing of the nasal piriform aperture (PA). As measured in the axial plane, PA width is 5.2 mm. At the posterior nares, the choanae were patent. Continue reading»
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