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Right Tool, for Which Job?
As EMRs have evolved into EHRs over the past 20 years, radiologists have continued to strive to effectively integrate them as both the types of information and the potential value of that information to clinical practices have grown.

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Reporter's Notebook: SIR 2015
Learn about the latest research findings presented at the Society of Interventional Radiology's annual meeting, held earlier this month in Atlanta.

Job 1: Better Diagnoses
Image quality remains the biggest concern when it comes to what's trending in ultrasound. However, improved workflow, ease of use, and ergonomics remain key to improving the ability of clinicians to provide accurate diagnoses.

Decider Support
CT image quality continues to improve. As a result, radiologists are able to notice more incidental findings. Now, the ACR and Massachusetts General Hospital will leverage the Nuance Communications PowerShare Network to bring clinical guidelines to the radiologists' workflow, helping them determine which incidental findings are likely benign and which should be further inspected.

By Kanwar Singh, MD; Rayhan S. Hai, MD; and Pramod Gupta, MD
A 39-year-old woman with history of C-section presented with complaint of intermittent left abdominal pain with a palpable nodule for the past six months. The pain coincided with her menstrual cycle.. Continue reading»
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