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Imaging Adaptability
What are the latest advancements in ultrasound? See what some of the major manufacturers have to say.

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Imaging in the Extremities
Cone beam CT for extremity imaging is making inroads in outpatient orthopedic centers. How will that affect radiology's domain?

A Meeting of the Minds
Despite all of the angst about artificial intelligence replacing radiologists, there may come a day when radiologists need AI to do their jobs.

A Clearer View
Breast density is attracting increased attention among mammographers, and many states already have notification laws on the books, but characterizing and quantifying dense breast tissue remains a subjective exercise. New tools offer the potential to examine the issue more clearly.

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Small Exercise Tips for Radiologists May Yield Large Gains
By Faizan Syed, MD; Allan Zhang, DO; and Stacey Bass, MD

A 54-year-old man presented to the hospital with increasing neck swelling and dysphagia over the previous 11 days. The patient also reported a 35-lb weight loss over the previous eight months. Past medical history was significant for significant alcohol use. Continue reading »
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