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Cross-Pollinating the Enterprise
Businesses specializing in artificial intelligence continue to forge alliances with enterprise imaging companies. Image interpretation remains the long-term goal, but, amid a flurry of groundbreaking algorithms, some tangible AI-centric innovations are gaining traction in the enterprise.

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Diagnosis: Paralysis by Analysis
When it comes to radiologic devices, precision is quantifiable to the smallest subatomic particle. In the larger context of health care, however, third parties and regulatory agencies demand a different, more elusive, quantification of value.

On Display
Mobility and medical-grade functionality are among the topics driving the radiology display and monitor industry. We check in with some experts to see what's trending upward and making the radiologist's job a little bit easier.

Building Blocks
Like seemingly all aspects of the profession, CT technology is susceptible to the growing influence of AI. Learn what refinements are being made to existing applications and what innovations are poised to revolutionize CT workflow.

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Radiology Redefined: How Technology Is Transforming Medical Imaging
By John A. Cieslak, MD, PhD; Elena G. Violari, MD; and Clifford Yang, MD

A 25-year-old man who is a nursing home resident with a past medical history of cerebral palsy presented to the emergency department with new-onset seizures. He was ventilator and enteral feed dependent and chronically nonverbal. A noncontrast CT head scan was obtained upon admission to evaluate for an intracranial hemorrhage. Continue reading »
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