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Editor's e-Note
Every few years at RSNA, someone in a booth hands me a pair of specialized glasses and gives me a tour of their new 3D visualization tool. This month’s E-News Exclusive introduces the latest goggles-and-all 3D viewing system on display at RSNA 2015.

— Jim Knaub, editor
e-News Exclusive
Through My Goggles at RSNA 2015

Echopixel’s Tru 3D is not the first 3D viewer I’ve seen in RSNA’s exhibit halls over the years. Whether the device was displaying volume renderings on a 2D screen or some holographic display, most discussions I’ve had with radiologists about such systems have followed this paraphrased path: Those 3D renderings look great, but they don’t really save me time; I do my work in 2D.

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Recently Online
MRI's Role in Prostate Cancer Active Surveillance
The role of MRI in prostate cancer management is becoming more refined. Still, legitimate concerns about cost and the lack of universal guidelines exist and many researchers say those areas need to be addressed. Read more »

DR in the ER
As the number of emergency departments in the country slowly declines, they are also becoming busier. The introduction of portable DR allows physicians to be even more efficient in caring for the ever-increasing number of patients visiting them. Read more »

Training Staff in MRI Safety
While more is understood today about MRI safety and there is a greater capacity to control the effects of MRI, that increased knowledge is not reflected in a reduction in MRI accidents. Read more »

Population Health Management
Progressive organizations are exploring strategies to use data for the purpose of improving community health. Read more »
Other Imaging News
Children’s Hospitals Are Shifting Away From CT Use to Other Imaging Tools
A study from the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia found that children are much more likely to receive MRI or ultrasound rather than CT compared with a decade ago.

New Ultrasound Technology Used to Target Deep Structures of the Brain
The University of Maryland Medical Center has begun to use MRI-guided focused ultrasound on a deep structure within the brain related to Parkinson’s disease.

MRI Shows Evidence of How Obstructive Sleep Apnea Damages the Brain
UCLA researchers used MRIs of the brain to show that obstructive sleep apnea contributes to a breakdown of the protective blood-brain barrier.

New Imaging Technique Detects Early Brain Damage From Hypertension
A recent study presented at the American Heart Association’s 2015 High Blood Pressure Conference found, using a new imaging technique, that some people with high blood pressure also have damage to nerve tracts connecting different parts of the brain.
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“Our study shows that mood matters. You don't need to have a chipper, cheery attitude prior to your procedure. You just have to overcome negative emotions and get to a neutral level.”

Elvira V. Lang, MD, PhD, a Boston-area interventional radiologist on the results of a recently published study that found that patients in a negative mood prior to undergoing an angioplasty or other IR procedure may have a poor outcome
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