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Editor's e-Note
Remember when Star Wars was a new phenomenon? Episode 7 will hit the big screen next month, but one character from the original movie trilogy reminds me—if I use my imagination—of an important theme at RSNA 2015 ... and the topic of this month’s E-News Exclusive.

— Jim Knaub, editor
e-News Exclusive
A New Force in Imaging at RSNA

Back in 1980, a bald guy sporting a computer/communication system grafted to the back of his head followed Lando Calrissian around Cloud City in The Empire Strikes Back. His name, I learned recently, was Lobot. He has become a meme of sorts for integrating computers with humans.

While Lobot was ahead of our time long ago in a galaxy far, far away, radiology and all of health care are becoming increasingly intertwined with IT. Medical practice will require more human interaction with digital data, which provides an opportunity for radiologists in imaging’s future.

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Young Athletes and Head Trauma
The use of imaging for suspected head trauma in youth athletes remains a delicate balancing act for many doctors who must weigh the pros and cons of potential radiation exposure. Read more »

Restrictive Covenants
When joining a new practice, radiologists should read any noncompete clauses in their contract very closely to ensure that the restrictions won't prevent them from being able to work elsewhere in the future. Read more »

At Their Service
In another example of radiologists leaving the reading room and getting out in the field, radiologists were invited to be part of the onsite medical team at the US Open 2015 Tennis Championships. Read more »

VNA: Should You?
It takes good project management, but for most hospitals the answer is becoming yes—even for many smaller facilities. Read more »
Other Imaging News
Study Finds Chest CT Scans Often Can Be Avoided in Blunt Trauma ED Cases
The University of California, San Francisco is reporting the results of a study that found that the use of chest CT scans in the emergency department can be greatly reduced without negatively impacting the patients.

Noninvasive Heart Disease Test Unveiled
Loyola University Medical Center says they are the only hospital in Illinois to offer a new, noninvasive coronary artery disease test that uses CT scans to calculate how much blood is flowing through diseased coronary arteries that have narrowed due to a buildup of plaque.

Heart Scan May Help Identify Patients at Risk for Premature Death
Coronary artery calcification scans could help physicians identify patients at risk for premature death, according to researchers at Emory University.
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Worth Repeating
“Lung cancer screening saves lives, and our study serves as a model for how to set up a screening program that is safe and effective for patients. A screening program should use a standardized reporting system and have input from board-certified cardiothoracic surgeons as part of a multidisciplinary team evaluating CT scan findings. It is only by minimizing the number of operations for benign disease and maintaining a low morbidity and mortality for surgical resection that the full benefit of lung cancer screening can be realized in its widespread adoption in clinical practice.”

Christina Williamson, MD, a researcher at Lahey Hospital & Medical Center in Burlington, Massachusetts, speaking on the results of a study that found that lung cancer screening programs can be safely and effectively adopted in clinical practice with low rates of surgical intervention for noncancerous disease
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