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Editor's e-Note
Think you’ve been hearing a lot about deep learning and artificial intelligence in radiology lately? Expect to hear plenty more. This month’s e-News Exclusive looks at the growth of deep learning applications in medical imaging.

— Dave Yeager, editor
e-News Exclusive
Deep Learning in Medical Imaging May Top $300 Million by 2021

Deep learning will increasingly be used in the interpretation of medical images to address many longstanding industry challenges. This will lead to a $300 million market by 2021, according to a new report by Signify Research, an independent supplier of market intelligence and consultancy to the global health care technology industry. The report, “Machine Learning in Medical Imaging — 2017 Edition,” provides a data-centric and global outlook on the current and projected uptake of machine learning in medical imaging. It is based on primary data collected from in-depth interviews with health care professionals and technology vendors.

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Other Imaging News
fMRI May Help Predict Antidepressant Response
Researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago and the University of Michigan say communication between two brain networks may predict whether a patient will respond to antidepressant medication. The researchers used functional MRI to determine how well the networks—the error detection network and the interference processing network—communicate during cognitive tasks. The level of communication between the networks was a reliable indicator of patients’ antidepressant response, the researchers say.

New Imaging Technique Detects Skin Cancers Without Biopsy
An imaging technique developed by the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering can noninvasively and accurately detect skin cancer. The technique, multiphoton microscopy of mitochondria, allows researchers to identify melanomas and basal cell carcinomas by detecting abnormal clusters of mitonchondria in skin cells.

CT Scans Reveal Mammals Used Venom Before Snakes
Most people associate venom with snakes, but fossil evidence and CT scans show that a dog-sized, premammalian animal used venom long before snakes first slithered forth.

Proton MRS Finds Brain Features Associated With Stuttering
A proton MR spectroscopy study by researchers at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles shows that areas of the brain associated with language have reduced blood flow in people who stutter. According to the study, the findings demonstrate a link between stuttering and changes in the brain circuits that control speech production, along with links to brain regions that support attention and emotion.
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“It’s not as common as just going to any hospital in your neighborhood.”

Ahmedin Jemal, DVM, PhD, vice president at the American Cancer Society and lead author of a study that found that only 3.9% of smokers—or 262,700 people out of 6.8 million who were eligible in 2015—took advantage of low-dose CT screening for lung cancer. The study posited that a knowledge gap about screening and a lack of medical centers with extensive experience in lung cancer screening and follow-up may be responsible for the low utilization.
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