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Editor's e-Note
Cyberattackers are homing in on the health care industry with a tenacity that far outstrips providers’ efforts to stay ahead of them.

Dollars-and-cents people are increasingly feeling the squeeze as budgets evolve to keep pace. Executives need to stay informed as they weigh the allotment of limited resources against the potentially catastrophic consequences of doing too little.

In this month’s E-News Exclusive, we delve into a recent Black Book Market Research survey, which crunches some very compelling numbers, in the hope that the readers of Radiology Today take all the variables into account when strategizing against an adversary that is not going away.

— Dave Yeager, editor
e-News Exclusive
Cybersecurity Survey Reveals Health Care Enterprises Are Not Maturing Fast Enough

As the health care industry has been deluged with new applications, challenging systems, new devices, and innovative approaches to handling and sharing data, more than 90% of health care organizations have experienced a data breach since the third quarter of 2016, and nearly 50% have had more than five data breaches during the same timeframe. As the number of attacks has increased, more than 180 million records have been stolen since 2015, affecting about one in every 12 health care consumers.

The dramatic rise in successful attacks by both criminal and nation-state–backed hackers illustrates how susceptible these health care enterprises are to exploitation. Despite these wake-up calls, the provider sector remains exceedingly vulnerable to ongoing breaches.

Black Book Market Research surveyed more than 2,450 security professionals from 680 provider organizations to identify gaps, vulnerabilities, and deficiencies that persist in making hospitals and physicians proverbial sitting ducks for data breaches and cyberattacks. Ninety-six percent of IT professionals agree with the sentiments that data attackers are outpacing their medical enterprises, holding providers at a disadvantage in responding to vulnerabilities.

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Other Imaging News
3D CT Scanning Helps Scientists Train Spider to Jump on Demand
Scientists in the United Kingdom, using 3D CT scanning to gain insights on predatory spiders, have trained a spider to jump different distances and heights. This know-how could be harnessed to create a new class of agile microrobots, according to Nature Scientific Reports.

Visceral Fat Linked to Shorter Survival for Women With Kidney Cancer
An analysis of CT scans suggests that belly fat affects the odds of women, but not men, surviving kidney cancer, according to a study published in Radiology. The findings have some doctors rethinking risk stratification, amid the realization that cancer researchers are just beginning to study this fundamental variable.

CT of Dodo Specimen Yields Forensic Gunshot Evidence
The Oxford University Museum of Natural History and the University of Warwick in the UK have collaborated to learn more about a dodo specimen’s anatomy and how it lived and died. Using CT scans, the researchers found lead particulates on the back of the dodo’s head and neck, leading them to suspect fowl play.

AI Algorithm Outperforms Experts in Analysis of Eye Images
An algorithm that uses AI can automatically and more accurately diagnose retinopathy of prematurity—a potentially devastating cause of childhood blindness—than expert physicians, according to a paper in JAMA Ophthalmology. The algorithm accurately diagnosed the condition in images of infant eyes 91% of the time; a team of expert physicians who examined the same images had an average accuracy rate of 82%.
Worth Repeating
“When you put headphones on dementia patients and play familiar music, they come alive. Music is like an anchor, grounding the patient back in reality.”

Jace King, a PhD candidate at University of Utah Health, regarding research that harnesses functional MRI of the brain to create music-based therapy for patients with dementia
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