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September/October 2020


Preventive Measures
With patients weighing the risk of cancer vs COVID-19 exposure, mammography screening schedules became thoroughly derailed. We’ll examine ways practices can get back on proper footing. 

Quick Thinking
In critical triage situations, new tools and technologies are leveraging AI to give physicians an edge in stroke detection, red-flagging the most urgent cases and moving those in greatest need to the front of the line.

Imitation of Life
As 3D bioprinting continues to broaden the horizons of medical treatment, a new alliance has brought the industry to the doorstep of a stunning achievement—the ability to produce transplantable tissue.

Expanding Reality
Augmented reality is enabling physicians and patients to visualize the most intricate procedures in multiple dimensions. Personnel at the Cleveland Clinic report that AR has become integral to all phases of tumor ablation.


Editor’s Note
Half a Year Onward

Reporter’s Notebook: News From SNMMI 2020
Studies of aging, pain, and tracers figured prominently at the annual conference.

Ultrasound News
High-resolution microultrasound is helping redefine the parameters of prostate cancer detection.


2020 Buyers’ Guide

On the Case
A team from India analyzes a patient who has a ruptured renal angiomyolipoma associated with pregnancy.

MRI Monitor
Physicians worldwide are staying vigilant for signs of neurological symptoms in patients with COVID-19.

Second Opinions