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March 2020


One-Stop Shop
The Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, has prototyped a Hybrid Procedural Suite that incorporates an array of imaging modalities into one patent-centric theater. The result, they say, represents a quantum leap forward in tumor ablation.

Second Sight
Radiology Today profiles high-tech holography that can couple a 3D anatomical rendering with real-time observation of a patient’s body. Though the possibilities are endless, clinicians are harnessing its ability to address the particulars of rib injuries, spinal matters, and pediatric cardiology. 

Hocus POCUS?
Point-of-care ultrasound has blossomed into a go-to modality for time-sensitive situations. However, as technological advancements may be outpacing regulatory agencies and safety protocols, some are suggesting that radiologists tap the brakes.

Smooth Moves
In the modern radiology practice, the fluoroscopy room is being called upon to accommodate an ever-expanding array of must-haves. We’ll take a look at the ways a number of innovators are answering the call. 


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