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August/September 2021


A Room With a View
With remote workstations becoming standard within the industry, a new player, teleproctoring, is facilitating high-level collaborations that would not otherwise have been feasible.

In Network
Functional and structural MRI are helping the medical community consolidate all that is known about connectivity within the brain, while revealing prospective areas of additional study.

Analyze This
As inevitable growing pains accompany the advancement of AI and machine learning in radiology, analytics is playing an indispensable role in smoothing the way.

Which Niche?
We take a look at ways a number of practices are addressing the variables—accessibility, licensing, credentialing—associated with teleradiology.


Editor’s Note
On the Road

CT Slice
We address nine challenges associated with pandemic CT imaging.

Managing to Succeed
Under current conditions, an effective compliance program is a must.

On the Case
A 69-year-old patient presents with myloidosis of the breast.

Patient Safety
COVID-era accommodations have necessitated additional safeguards against hackers.


Second Opinions