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May 2019


A Softer Touch
Reconstructive surgery is an art that imitates life. With the help of cutting-edge photogrammetry, physicians are taking 3D-generated prosthetics to the next level; we’ll share some strategies for optimizing outcomes for patients throughout the life cycle.  

The Case for Compartmentalizing
While strides are being made and countless lives are being saved, breast cancer diagnosis is still associated with considerable anxiety, time, and expense. A new approach, three-compartment breast imaging, may be just what the doctor ordered. 

A Truer Measure of Addiction
Can the physiological attributes of a substance abuser be quantified, even mitigated? Radiologists are chiming in on this age-old conundrum, and we think you’ll agree that their findings merit a prominent place in the discussion. 

High-Yield Imaging
A steadily evolving modality, MRI is fast becoming an indispensable diagnostic and predictive asset. Radiology Today checks in with some key players in the industry, who’ll bring you up to speed on some potentially game-changing refinements.     

Reporter’s Notebook: News From SIR 2019
The Society of Interventional Radiology’s annual event, recently held in Austin, Texas, was a trove of information and insight; check out some of our favorite take-aways.  


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