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November 2019


More Than Meets the Eye
Harvesting subatomic nuances from conventional images, radiomics puts a fresh palette of diagnostic specificity—quantifiable to the last pixel—at the radiologist’s fingertips. New research out of Cleveland examines its astounding predictive potential.

Going to Market
As AI continues to gather steam in the industry, radiologists, vendors, and consumers are exchanging insights and technology via a blossoming app marketplace.

One for All?
Political adversaries are debating the prospect of a single-payer health care system and seem likely to continue to do so for some time. Experts examine the issue from a radiology standpoint.

Checking the Transmission
By sending a wave through an object, then noting its refraction, diffraction, and other metrics after it’s passed through, transmission ultrasound is offering an intriguing counterpoint and adjunct to traditional mammography.  


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That Time of Year Again

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