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June 2020


A Better Read on DBT
Respected industry voices are touting the benefits of digital breast tomosynthesis over traditional breast exam modalities. Providers and payers are finding that diagnostic efficiency and peace of mind can intersect at an optimal price point.

The Importance of Proper Form
Experts point out how ergonomics is tied to economics, and how a few key adjustments can represent a robust improvement in physical well-being, productivity, and morale among radiology staff.

Can You Hear Me Now?
A new alliance in the 5G realm is expanding imaging possibilities in the United States and beyond. Increased bandwidth, coupled with a healthy dose of outside-the-box thinking, promises next-level health care utility and availability.

Going the Distance
We check in with some experts regarding ways social distancing has prompted a renewed focus on teleradiology—and ponder the possibility that coronavirus-era protocols may have a lasting effect for the better. 


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