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June/July 2021


Worst-Case Scenario
When planning ahead for triage and other emergency circumstances, radiologists need to anticipate a host of variables associated with staffing, venues, and equipment.

Change in Programming
The industry is applauding several newly expanded lung cancer screening protocols and forecasting that increased eligibility will translate into thousands of lives saved. 

Intelligent Upgrades
We check in with experts from top manufacturers to bring you the latest on DR trends and technology, a discussion driven by the profound influences of COVID-19 and AI.

Targeted Treatment
Delivered at the time of surgery, intraoperative radiation therapy is making a difference for women with early-stage breast cancer, particularly among underserved populations. 


Editor’s Note
Slightly Ahead of the Curve

Molecular Imaging News
Get the latest on novel approaches to arthritis and more from SNMMI.

Ultrasound News
A long-undervalued tool for assessing blood flow in the brain, transcranial Doppler is making a comeback.

Interventional News
Radiologists are increasingly finding that robotic systems can offer new dimensions to their practices.

Imaging Informatics
3D virtual reality models are bestowing the gift of X-ray vision upon medical personnel.

On the Case
A mammography screening leads to a diagnosis of SMOLD, alternatively known as Zuska’s disease.

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