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Good Vibrations
Though ultrasound contrast agents with microbubbles have been in the radiologist’s toolkit for more than 30 years, new research shows that strategic bursting of these microbubbles improves treatment prospects for numerous patients, notably those with liver cancer.

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Sharper Imaging
Fueled by advancements in AI and hypertargeted imaging techniques and technology, CT scans are being delivered faster, more safely, and with more detail than ever before. Latest trends include photon counting CT and mobile bedside solutions.

Open to Attack
Health care systems have long been a high-priority target for hackers, and imaging departments have been particularly vulnerable. With cybersecurity personnel increasingly resorting to remote workarounds, it’s time to reassess best practices and procedures. 

Risk Assessment Rewards
Patients continue to be blindsided by breast cancer diagnoses when warning signs could have been red-flagged well in advance. Risk assessment guidelines are readily available and their dissemination is the responsibility of every member of the health care team. 

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Socially Acceptable — Three Tips to Leverage Your Radiology Group’s Social Media Presence
By Kathryn Becker, MD, and Alex Merkulov, MD

A 29-year-old man presented to the emergency department (ED) with a three-day history of persistent headache. The patient also reported chills, dizziness, and two episodes of vomiting. He was up to date on vaccines, worked in landscaping, and was not taking any medications. He denied a tick bite. At that time, labs were drawn, including a tick panel. The patient was discharged home with doxycycline for presumed ehrlichiosis. Continue reading »
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