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Sharper Contrast
Radiologists continue their quest to elevate patient outcomes while minimizing risks. Contrast-enhanced mammography, a method incorporating iodine into the diagnostic process, fine-tunes sensitivity and dials down the quantity of false-positives.

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Technologies, procedures, professional societies, awareness campaigns, accreditation requirements, regulations—numerous factors figure prominently in the widening effort to reduce exposure risks for radiology staffers and patients. We’ll take a look at where things stand.

Data-Driven Performance
Harnessing a trove of real-time, actionable information and promptly delivering it where it is most needed, data analytics is having an effect that can be felt resoundingly in every corner of the modern radiology practice.

Facing Disaster
Health care practitioners must be ever vigilant to stay ahead of any unforeseen crisis. Find out what radiologists are doing to protect against uncertainties without missing a beat in the present.

Reporter’s Notebook: News From SNMMI 2019
Zero in on some highlights from the organization’s annual meeting and catch up on the latest industry chatter.

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Financial Checkup
By Robert W. Morris, MD; Brandon B. Weatherly, MD; and Blake P. Becker, MD

A 26-year-old woman with thalassemia minor, obesity, and diabetes mellitus—who was status post three C-sections—presented to the emergency department with a two-year history of lower abdominal pain. The patient denied any exacerbating factors but did report that her pain was not alleviated with anti-inflammatory or analgesic medications. As part of the workup, CT imaging and MRI were performed. Continue reading »
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