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Assessing AI
As the early alarm bells have begun to fade from radiologists’ ears, machine learning continues to make notable progress as a diagnostic avenue. We examine ways AI can be fine-tuned on variables such as genetics to improve patient-specific diagnoses.

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Narrowing the Field
Advancements in portable, low-field MRI are making it increasingly feasible and cost-effective to bring imaging directly into the operating theater, streamlining the surgical process and improving patient outcomes.

Out of This World
With space travel increasingly within the reach of private citizens, and given the health consequences associated with zero-gravity environments, a digital tech company has taken the lead in making cardiac ultrasound available aboard the International Space Station.

Positive Reviews
We take a deep dive into additional pandemic-era accommodations that may prove to be a long-term blessing in disguise: Numerous manufacturers have ramped up their capacity to render portable DR, and the results are impressive.

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Intelligent Automation Aids Revenue Cycle Management
By Midhir Patel, MD; Hieu Diep, MD; and Do Hyun Kim

A 40-year-old short-stature male with a past medical history of acute myelogenous leukemia (AML) with monosomy 7/del (7q) with TP53 mutation and pancreatic insufficiency presented to the ED with a three-week history of fever. Labs revealed pancytopenia with an absolute neutrophil count of 0.02 X 109/L. A bone marrow biopsy showed hypocellularity. CT of the abdomen was obtained. Patient was admitted for neutropenic fever. Continue reading »
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