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A Broader Platform
Recent innovations are delivering radiologists an expanded palette in the MR space. We’ll take a look at some developments that are shaping the conversation and the outlook, for now and the near future.

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Not the Usual Kid Stuff
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia has added its voice to the growing movement that says PET/MRI, rather than traditional PET/CT, is the right fit for pediatric patients.

Diverse Views
Find out how accomplished female radiologists are making inroads into what traditionally has been a male-dominated profession, while inspiring others to follow their example.

Critical Communication
For many a medical practice, postexam follow-up has left much to be desired. We’ll see how radiologists can harness technology and savvy to get an efficient system dialed in.

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The State of Radiology in Urgent Care
By Michelle J. Romero, MD, and Robert Perez, MD

A 43-year-old black man with no past medical history presented with a palpable right breast mass. Approximately four months prior, he noticed right breast soreness and this breast felt firmer compared with his left breast. He described continual increase in the size of the right breast over time. He denied right breast trauma and reported no nipple discharge or skin changes. He had no family history of breast or ovarian cancer. Diagnostic imaging was performed, including a bilateral 2D digital mammogram and a targeted right breast ultrasound. Ultrasound-guided right breast biopsy was subsequently performed, followed by a bilateral IV contrast-enhanced breast MRI. Continue reading »
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