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Where Rubber Meets the Road
AI is becoming a more prevalent part of the radiologist’s tool kit, and future adoption offers a wide variety of opportunities ranging from decision support to image acquisition.

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5 Things to Watch in 2020
RSNA is always a harbinger of the year ahead in radiology. Check out our annual list of topics that we expect to hear more about. 

Locked Down
In assuring that DR data are protected and secure from cyberattacks, prevention is the first and most important step. Find out how the radiology industry is using current cybersecurity technology to protect data and ensure security.

Getting Real
A new process called black-blood cinematic rendering offers a uniquely photorealistic look at the inside of the heart. The pioneering researchers behind this technique speak on its advantages and the possibilities it offers for the future of CT imaging.

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Solving the Health Tech Skills Gap
By Pramod Gupta, MD

A 32-year-old woman presented to the emergency department with moderate-intensity, right-sided abdominal pain. She reported feeling mild pain occasionally for the past few weeks while running and lifting weights. The patient also reported that her pain had gradually worsened over the last two weeks. Her menstrual cycles were regular, and she had an uneventful past medical history. All routine laboratory tests were within normal limits, and a pregnancy test was negative. On physical examination, the patient had mild diffuse rebound tenderness. CT of the abdomen and pelvis was ordered. MRI of the pelvis was then obtained to further characterize the CT findings. Continue reading »
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