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2020 Vision
The new decade promises continued strides in radiologic imaging quality, while the industry remains steadfast in its commitment to low-dose protocols. Find out the latest ingenious ways manufacturers and practitioners are honoring these imperatives.

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Mammographer’s Helper
Merging troves of databased records with compelling proof-of-concept diagnostics, AI is poised to tip the scales in favor of female patients and physicians in need of timely, accurate information.

Digging the Ditch
The mainstay of radiological image sharing for decades, compact discs have gradually fallen out of fashion with providers and patients. As cutting-edge alternatives continue to gain traction, some are saying it’s time for the industry to bid farewell to the CD for good. 

Reporter’s Notebook: News From RSNA 2019
Radiology Today shares a series of essential bulletins from the industry’s premier conference. 

Searching for a Better Fit
Mergers and consolidations are reshaping the health care landscape, and the effects resonate deeply within the radiology industry. Experts say the right moves at the right time can represent the difference between obsolescence and prosperity.

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Radiologist Explores Self-Understanding via Medical Imaging in New Book
By Alex Merkulov, MD

A 59-year-old postmenopausal white woman with a family history of breast cancer (maternal grandmother) presented to a breast surgeon in November 2019 with persistent left bloody nipple discharge and scaly, irritated, discolored, nonhealing skin of the left nipple with associated intermittent burning and itching. In August 2019, the patient noted new onset of left bloody nipple discharge with nipple scaling and areolar skin changes, which were accompanied by intermittent itching and burning. Continue reading »
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