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Less Margin for Error
New advances in imaging technology indicate that there is enormous possibility for more accurately calculating tumor margins. We take a look at how these advanced devices and methods can potentially help not only surgeons, but radiologists as well.

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From the Drawing Board to the Clinic
Recent findings have shown that MRI can be a useful tool in examining demyelinating disorders⁠—in particular, multiple sclerosis. Through brain imaging scans, researchers have made promising discoveries in regard to the specifics of demyelination.

Smart Look
With the transition from CR to DR complete across a wide swath of the industry, there is a wealth of potential for AI to improve image quality, informatics, and diagnoses. We examine some of the key features of the latest tech that is poised to improve DR.

Lack of Awareness
Proton therapy is an emerging treatment for several types of cancer due to its targeted radiation. We outline some of the benefits and drawbacks of proton therapy, and how it’s projected to grow in the coming years.

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Education Alteration: Redefining the Rad Tech Role
By Krithika Srikanthan, MD, and Alex Merkulov, MD

A 45-year-old male with a past medical history of hyperlipidemia presented with a two-week history of right lower quadrant abdominal pain radiating to the right flank and occasional nausea. Pain was exacerbated by eating. The patient had no history of abdominal surgery. The patient denied fever or chills, dysuria, and hematuria. CT of the abdomen and pelvis with intravenous contrast was obtained. Continue reading »
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