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More Than a Quick Peek
With digital refinements moving to the forefront, MRI technologies are advancing rapidly and improved visualization is quickly becoming available. Manufacturers are working hard to integrate the latest software and hardware technologies into their scanners; we'll take a deep dive and make sure you're up to speed.

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Head Start
Alzheimer's disease is profoundly affecting quality of life for an alarming number of American families, with projections steadily increasing as the population ages. While there is no cure and prospects remain limited, a deep learning algorithm could make a substantial difference in the all-important predictive stages.

Screen Plays
Given that scans show dense breast tissue as white, and cancers appear white as well, cancers can be harder to spot among women with dense breast tissue. Augmented intelligence, however, is making strides to level the playing field for this at-risk population.

Limited Exposure
We examine how some experts are streamlining their efforts to reduce cumulative radiation doses for everyone—internal and external—affected by the radiology process. 

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Refurbishing Medical Imaging Equipment in a Circular Economy
By Thomas Wilczynski, DO; Anne Misiura, MD; and Laurence J. Spitzer, MD

A 35-year-old gravida 4, para 4 woman with no significant past medical history presented for evaluation of a lost string from an intrauterine device (IUD) placed the month prior. Pelvic ultrasound imaging revealed a nonspecific 1 mm linear echogenicity in the posterior cul-de-sac, but no IUD within the uterus. Abdominal and pelvic radiography was then ordered. Continue reading »
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