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Preventive Measures
With patients weighing the risk of cancer vs COVID-19 exposure, mammography screening schedules became thoroughly derailed. We’ll examine ways practices can get back on proper footing. 

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Quick Thinking
In critical triage situations, new tools and technologies are leveraging AI to give physicians an edge in stroke detection, red-flagging the most urgent cases and moving those in greatest need to the front of the line.

Imitation of Life
As 3D bioprinting continues to broaden the horizons of medical treatment, a new alliance has brought the industry to the doorstep of a stunning achievement—the ability to produce transplantable tissue.

Expanding Reality
Augmented reality is enabling physicians and patients to visualize the most intricate procedures in multiple dimensions. Personnel at the Cleveland Clinic report that AR has become integral to all phases of tumor ablation.

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Treatment Options for Anemic Health Care Revenues — Tips for Addressing Revenue Cycle Challenges Related to COVID-19
By Ved Caculo, MBBS, and Anant Lawande, MBBS

A 37-year-old primigravida woman presented to the emergency department with acute, spontaneous in onset, left upper quadrant abdominal pain. Physical examination revealed generalized abdominal guarding with a gravid uterus estimated at 18 to 20 weeks of gestation. Patient was hypotensive with a thready, weak pulse. Urinary examination revealed microscopic hematuria. Point-of-care ultrasound demonstrated a large heterogeneous mass arising from the lower pole of the left kidney with an associated perinephric hematoma. Hemoperitoneum was also noted. MRI of the abdomen was then performed. Continue reading »
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