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Agents of Change
Prostate cancer patients still face solemn prospects, but newly available radionuclide agents are presenting intriguing possibilities and the medical community is taking notice.

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Image-Enabled Patients
A Maryland-based health care system is linking patients and physicians via a cloud-based image-sharing protocol and finding that the forecast is hazy for the old CD-centric business model.

Screening Calls
New metrics and modalities have radiologists rethinking breast cancer risk stratification. Find out what's being done to ensure that women receive the right exam at the right time.

The ABCs of AR and VR
A distinguished panel of experts offers the most comprehensive analysis of augmented and virtual reality to yet appear within the pages of Radiology Today

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Less Stressful Medical Imaging: What the Neurobiology of Illusions Reveals About Claustrophobia
By Anna Luisa Kuhn, MD, PhD; Katyucia de Macedo Rodrigues, MD; and Ajit S. Puri, MD

A 72-year-old woman with a past medical history significant for hypertension presented to the emergency department with worsening headaches over the previous two weeks. On the evening of presentation, the patient also complained of new onset left facial and retro-orbital pain. There were no focal neurological deficits. Continue reading »
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