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A Bigger Stage
Liver health continues to figure prominently in the national health care discussion. Recent developments in ultrasound and multimodality imaging offer radiologists wider options for staging and assessing liver diseases. Check out some of the latest advances.

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Lab Values
Though the rewards of 3D printing are tough to quantify in dollars and cents, organizations that have gotten in on the ground floor are not looking back. As the discussion widens into CPT codes, quality control, and reimbursement, we'll put you in the know and help you decide: Is it time to get your organization on board?

A New Spin on MRI Contrast
Despite several high-profile questions being raised over the long term, gadolinium remains the industry's go-to contrast agent. Some innovators, however, are getting the sense that it's time for the next big thing; we'll check in with a few who are getting out in front.

Less Strain, More Gain
As imaging volumes continue their inexorable growth, repetitive strain and burnout have become significant pains in the neck—not to mention the back, elbow, and wrist. Optimized ergonomics can help smooth out the bumps and bruises in radiology workflow. 

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The MIPS Virtual Group Option: Boon or Boondoggle?
By Gaurish G. Surlakar, MD

A 57-year-old man presented for imaging with a past medical history of a seizure disorder since childhood, following an episode of meningitis at 5 years of age. Prior imaging studies were not available. The patient underwent an MRI and MR angiogram (MRA) of the brain. Continue reading »
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