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Progressive Myelopathy
Source: AJR 2006; 186:S227-S229

A 55-year-old woman with 3-year history of progressive lower extremity numbness and weakness. Coronal MR angiogram, obtained using gadolinium bolus technique (4-sec delay), of lower thoracic spine shows enlarged, tortuous draining veins (arrowheads) along surface of spinal cord.

Images and case histories provided courtesy
of the American Roentgen Ray Society.

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Diffuse Osteosclerosis with Hepatosplenomegaly
Source: AJR 2007; 188:S18-S20
A59-year-old man with left flank pain. Coronal T2-weighted MR image through spine reveals homogeneously decreased signal intensity of marrow.

Intraventricular Mass
Source: AJR 2007; 189:S55-S57
A 71-year-old woman with syncope. Unenhanced axial CT scan of brain shows hyperdense, well-circumscribed 2-cm mass in atrium of right lateral ventricle. Note scant rim calcifications. Only mild adjacent vasogenic edema is seen, and there are no findings of hydrocephalus.

Bilateral Pulmonary Sequestration with Bridging Isthmus in a Boy with Williams Syndrome
Source: AJR 2006; 187:W133-W134
A 5-year-old boy with Williams syndrome. Contrast-enhanced chest CT scan revealed well-defined heterogeneous mass at medial basal segments of bilateral lower lobes with midline bridging isthmus posterior to heart.

High-Output Cardiac Failure in a Patient with a History of Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia
AJR 2006; 187:S508-S510
A 62-year-old woman with history of hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia who presents with high-output cardiac failure. Anteroposterior chest radiograph reveals cardiomegaly and enlargement of central pulmonary vasculature, cephalization of pulmonary blood flow, and left pleural effusion.

Solitary Pulmonary Nodule with Enhancing Rim Sign
(AJR 2007; 188:S5-S6)
84-year-old man with recent cough. Unenhanced CT scan through solitary pulmonary nodule shows homogeneous rounded soft-tissue mass.

Diffuse Osteosclerosis with Hepatosplenomegaly (AJR 2007; 188:S18-S20)
A 59-year-old man with left flank pain. Subsequent contrast-enhanced CT scan of abdomen verifies presence of increased bone density secondary to organized trabecular thickening and deposition along endosteal cortex.

Cavitated Mass with Hypertrophic Osteoarthropathy
(AJR 2007; 188:S7-S9)
62-year-old man with several-month history of coughing and right lung mass. Chest CT scan shows large cavitated mass with thickened walls in posterolateral aspect of right upper lobe (arrow).