Editor’s Note: The Basis of Value in Radiology
By Dave Yeager
Radiology Today
Vol. 21 No. 4 P. 3

With the nation riveted, and rightfully so, by the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a good bit of discussion about radiology’s role in detecting and characterizing the virus. The most effective protocols are still up for debate, but it seems clear that medical imaging can add value to the evaluation of SARS-CoV-2. While this emergency has been unfolding, however, radiology’s value to other areas of health care has remained steadfast. In this issue, we’re digging into some of the ways that radiology adds—or can add—value to medical care.

In our cover feature, Keith Loria chronicles recent MR advances. One big advance, the application of AI to speed up exam times and image reconstruction, increase image quality, and streamline workflow, is beginning to have noticeable effects. Improvements in these areas, as well as efforts to enhance the patient experience, bode well for the modality’s continuing utility and value.

Another step toward better value lies in the use of PET/MRI for pediatric patients. Aside from significantly reducing radiation exposure, a crucial concern for still-growing patients, PET/MRI offers a more comprehensive look at a patient’s condition than PET/CT. Beth W. Orenstein reports on the use of PET/MRI at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, one of three pediatric PET/MRIs in the United States.

Value can be measured in many ways. For example, one way to increase the value of group knowledge is to aggregate a diverse set of views. Unfortunately, this is an area where medical imaging lags behind other specialties; women are conspicuously underrepresented in radiology. But the landscape is changing. Kathy Hardy reports on some of the ways people are promoting gender equality in radiology and what it will take to get there.

Finally, radiology findings don’t offer much value unless they are communicated to the people who need them—referring physicians and patients. Dan Harvey has a look at some of the ways that radiologists are making sure their reports end up where they can do the most possible good.

Enjoy the issue and stay safe.