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Editor's e-Note
With the annual ASTRO meeting running from September 15 to 18 this month, we’re serving up some news from the world of oncology. There are many interesting developments to report, and we’re highlighting a few that caught our attention. Please let us know on Twitter and/or Facebook if there are particular stories that you’d like us to cover.

— Dave Yeager, editor
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Oncology News

Machine Learning Predicts Thyroid Nodules

According to an ahead-of-print article to be published in the December 2019 issue of the American Journal of Roentgenology, researchers have validated a first-of-its-kind machine learning-based model to evaluate immunohistochemical (IHC) characteristics in patients with suspected thyroid nodules, achieving “excellent performance” for individualized noninvasive prediction of the presence of cytokeratin 19, galectin 3, and thyroperoxidase, based on CT images.

“When IHC information is hidden on CT images,” principal investigator Jiabing Gu explains, “it may be possible to discern the relation between this information and radiomics by use of texture analysis.”

To assess whether texture analysis could be utilized to predict IHC characteristics of suspected thyroid nodules, Gu and colleagues from China’s University of Jinan enrolled 103 patients—with a training cohort-to-validation cohort ratio of approximately 3:1—with suspected thyroid nodules who had undergone thyroidectomy and IHC analysis from January 2013 to January 2016. All 103 patients—28 men and 75 women with a median age of 58 years and a range of 33 to 70 years—underwent CT before surgery, and 3D Slicer v 4.8.1 was used to analyze images of the surgical specimen.

To facilitate test-retest methods, 20 patients were imaged in two sets of CT series within 10 to 15 minutes, using the same scanner and protocols, without contrast administration. These images were used only to select reproducible and nonredundant features, not to establish or verify the radiomic model.

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Less Margin for Error
New advances in imaging technology indicate that there is enormous possibility for more accurately calculating tumor margins. We take a look at how these advanced devices and methods can potentially help not only surgeons, but radiologists as well. Read more »

From the Drawing Board to the Clinic
Recent findings have shown that MRI can be a useful tool in examining demyelinating disorders—in particular, multiple sclerosis. Through brain imaging scans, researchers have made promising discoveries in regard to the specifics of demyelination. Read more »

Smart Look
With the transition from CR to DR complete across a wide swath of the industry, there is a wealth of potential for AI to improve image quality, informatics, and diagnoses. We examine some of the key features of the latest tech that is poised to improve DR. Read more »

Lack of Awareness
Proton therapy is an emerging treatment for several types of cancer due to its targeted radiation. We outline some of the benefits and drawbacks of proton therapy and how it’s projected to grow in the coming years. Read more »
Other Imaging News
Cutting-Edge Stickers Improve Imagers’ Ability to Manipulate Light
Purdue University engineers have integrated “3D plasmonic nanoarrays” onto peelable films that can adhere to the lenses of imaging sensors. The reusable stickers, according to a report in Nano Letters, enable scanners to manipulate light on a nanoscale, allowing for precise detection of microscopic pathogens.

Toy Scanners Familiarize Kids With MRI Procedures checks in on United Kingdom (UK) health care systems that are utilizing toy MRI scanners, complete with Lego figurines, to acquaint children with the MRI process. The effort reportedly has been instrumental in soothing the anxiety of youngsters who are in need of imaging services.

Functional MRI Quantifies Brain Changes in Cosmonauts
Zero-gravity space travel is known to affect brain connections, enhancing some regions while having a deleterious effect on others. As manned aerospace missions promise to become increasingly common, a study recently published in Frontiers in Physiology reveals ways functional MRI is yielding significant insights about these dynamics.

Screening Upgrades Point to Streamlined UK Airport Security
New regulations will require airports in the UK to be fitted with upgraded screening equipment by 2022. The refinements are expected to ease delays and restrictions associated with laptops and fluids in travelers’ luggage, per industry sources cited in The Independent.
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