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While the world is focused on COVID-19, advances in radiology technology continue to expand the utility of medical imaging. AI is one technology that has had applications in prepandemic and present times and will, no doubt, be part of radiology practice long after the danger from the virus has passed. This month’s newsletter looks at how AI can be used to improve breast cancer risk models, breast density assessments, and mammography workflow.

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Stay safe.

— Dave Yeager, editor
e-News Exclusive
AI Benefits Mammography Screening and Workflow
By Samir Parikh

The greatest medical innovations are typically designed to help clinicians do their jobs better in some way, whether they improve efficiency, accuracy, comfort, or another aspect of the job. More importantly, these enhancements can, in turn, produce various benefits for patients. This concept holds true in the radiology field, especially in regard to the use of AI—a technology that continues to gain attention in the radiology community, particularly with the emergence of deep learning.

AI offers incredible potential to transform clinical and administrative workflow tasks. More specifically, AI plays a powerful role in mammography screening for breast cancer detection in a number of ways, starting with risk models and breast density assessments that are completed prior to cancer screening.

Risk Models and AI
Each patient profile is unique, from family history to environmental surroundings, lifestyle habits, and beyond, creating a different level of risk for any given condition, including breast cancer. Through risk stratification—classifying patients by level of risk—clinicians can guide patients on the screening regimen that is optimal for their individual situation, whether that is starting them at an earlier age or encouraging them to be screened with a certain imaging modality.

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Worth Repeating
“However, screening CT scans at airports might be a boon for people without health insurance. The out-of-pocket cost of a CT scan in a hospital or outpatient imaging center can range from $400 to more than $2,000. If a patient needed a chest CT scan, it would be cheaper to buy a plane ticket, go to the airport, have the CT scan, and not bother to get on the plane.”

Skeptical Scalpel, a blogger for Physicians Weekly, in response to calls for airports to screen passengers for COVID-19
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