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Are you up to date on the key aspects of your PACS agreements? This month, we're taking a look at some of the important considerations for minimizing risk.

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Understanding PACS Agreements — Key Points Health Care Providers Need to Consider

By Deeksha Shukla

A PACS environment consists of varied technologies, integrations, and workflows. Throughout the health care sector, PACS can represent different things for different parties. It may be a “product” for a lawyer, “technology” for the PACS provider, software in the radiology machine for the health care facility, and a facilitator for an image or report for a patient.

With multiple parties involved and the vulnerabilities attached to the broad threat landscape, it is crucial for the potential parties to consider assorted legal, technological, and commercial aspects including safeguards built into their agreements—for both PACS vendors and health care facilities. Health care organizations planning a shift from an on-premises hosted application to a cloud-based software-as-a-solution as part of a future-proofing initiative should be mindful of a fundamental fact: Conventional clauses should be replaced, and new items must be considered.

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