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Editor's E-Note
It's RSNA time again, and many of us are preparing to visit Chicago. For those of you who prefer the friendly confines of your home, there will also be a virtual program. Whether you’re home or away, there is always plenty to do and see, and this month's e-News Exclusive highlights some of the interesting sessions that will be available.

If you're at the show, please stop by and visit us at booth #3152 in the South Hall. We always enjoy hearing from our readers. Let us know what you find interesting and where you like to go for deep-dish pizza. (You didn’t think I’d let an RSNA Editor’s Note go by without mentioning pizza, did you?) You can also reach out to us on X, formerly known as Twitter and/or Facebook.

Enjoy the newsletter and the conference, and from everyone at Radiology Today, Happy Thanksgiving!

— Dave Yeager, editor
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FUJIFILM Healthcare Americas Corporation | MRI/CT | All new Advanced Imaging 3 years in a row | RSNA Booth #1929 | Learn More: https://us.fujimed.com/Radiology-Today-RSNA-Nov23-300x250
E-News Exclusive

3D Systems | Elevate Point-of-Care Manufacturing | Take a closer look at RSNA Nov. 26-29, 2023, Booth #8010 | Learn More: https://www.3dsystems.com/events/rsna-annual-meeting-2023?utm_source=Radiology_Today&utm_medium=Digital_Ad_(Web

RSNA 2023 Preview

The radiologists and medical professionals are coming to town, and the health care vendors will be plying their wares at the annual RSNA meeting at McCormick Place in Chicago. As has become the standard, RSNA 2023 will be accessible in person and virtually.

Sunday, November 26, kickstarts the week, offering sessions on AI and breast imaging, 3D printing, and Alzheimer’s neuroimaging. As with previous RSNA meetings, a handful of sponsored events are sure to pique interest, such as “From Careerism to Professionalism: A Personal and Institutional Imperative” by the RSNA Professionalism Committee. The RSNA Resident and Fellow Committee’s event, “Contract Review and Negotiation for Trainees” hits a similar beat.

The President’s Address, “Leading Through Change,” will be delivered by Matthew A. Mauro, MD, succeeded by the opening session, “History Never Repeats Itself, But It Does Often Rhyme,” with Howard B. Chrisman, MD, presenting.

On Monday, November 27, order sessions on cardiac CT, Crohn’s disease imaging, and DICOM images for AI research with a side of pediatric neuroradiology and patient-centered care. Chow down on sponsored sessions, such as “Pearls and Pitfalls of Social Media in Radiology” by the RSNA Resident and Fellow Committee and “Shift Work and Mental Health Among RTs” by the RSNA Associated Sciences Consortium.

Elizabeth S. Burnside, MD, will present the day’s plenary session, “Leading Through Technology: Valuing Artificial and Human Intelligence.” The day rounds out with an imaging interpretation session, offering those in attendance the opportunity to test their knowledge on an array of topics such as neuroradiology, abdominal imaging, and cardiothoracic radiology, presented by a panel of experts moderated by C. Douglas Phillips, MD.


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Other Imaging News
Early-Stage Lung Cancer Screening Could Improve Outcomes
An international study published in Radiology found that those diagnosed with lung cancer from early screenings had improved outcomes when compared with those who skipped screening.


Special Digital Supplement:  The View of Tomorrow | Busy Atlanta Neuroscience Institute Feels Confident With Novel Macrocyclic Gadolinium-Based Contrast Agent | Sponsored COntent by Guerbet | View Supplement: https://www.radiologytoday.net/issues/2023/supplement/guerbet/#1

Overlaying 3D CT on X-ray Fluoroscopic Images Improves Surgeon Accuracy
2D X-ray images can make it difficult for surgeons to accurately perceive the 3D shape of a target. Researchers from the University of Tsukuba have developed a technology to tackle this issue by superimposing 3D CT data on 2D X-ray fluoroscopic images.

Injectable Gel Shows Promising Results for Treating Solid Tumors
Researchers from the Mass General Brigham, with colleagues at the Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research, have developed an injectable gel that overcomes the challenges that intratumoral therapy has faced previously, where immunotherapies dissipate from the site of injection.
Worth Repeating

AGFA Radiologx Solutions | One image is all it takes. Visit us at RSNA 2023, November 16-29, 2023, McCormick Place, Booth 2552, South Hall | Request a demo: https://medimg.agfa.com/main/landing-page-rsna/

“We think that in many cases of Parkinson’s and dementia with Lewy bodies, the disease processes don’t actually begin in the brain. Through autonomic abnormalities, the processes eventually make their way to the brain. The loss of norepinephrine in the heart predicts and precedes the loss of dopamine in the brain in Lewy body diseases. […] If you could salvage the dopamine terminals […] then you might be able to prolong the time before the person shows symptoms.”

— David S. Goldstein, MD, PhD, National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke principal investigator, discussing a new biomarker that may aid in detecting Parkinson’s disease or Lewy body dementia early
Current Issue
To Screen or Not to Screen
Raising awareness of the importance of lung cancer screenings and breaking down barriers to access is crucial, as participation rates remain low.

Building the Pipeline
Expanding outreach to medical students could be the way to combat ongoing workforce shortages within the field of medical imaging.

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