E-News Exclusive

The Twelve Days of RSNA
By Jim Knaub

I hope you’re home safely from RSNA 2011 and preparing for the holidays with your family. RSNA kind of blurs the transition from Thanksgiving to the hectic holiday season by injecting an even more hectic week in Chicago. If you’re like many RSNA veterans I spoke with at McCormick Place, the buses, or in various lounges around the Windy City, the season doesn’t really begin until you arrive home from Chicago.

In that blurred spirit (though not blurred by spirits), enjoy this RSNA carol.

“On (what sometimes feels like) the 12th day of RSNA, the meeting gave to me…
12 vendors selling,
11 research lectures,
10 produtct demos,
9 booth babes smiling,
8 cabbies speeding,
7 deep dish pizzas,
6 CE credits,
5 iPad apps,
4 CT talks,
3 French docs,
2 tired feet,
and a lunch in Exhibit Hall B.”

OK, I won’t give up my day job. But on behalf of all of us at Radiology Today, I wish you the warmth and joy—both sacred and secular—of your holiday season, followed by a rewarding new year. However you celebrate, do it well.

— Jim Knaub is editor of Radiology Today.