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Lung cancer screening can save lives, yet it’s still an underutilized weapon in the fight against cancer. The American Lung Association and MD Anderson Cancer Center recently released a study that looks at the variation in screening availability among state Medicaid programs. Does your state adequately cover lung cancer screening? Let us know what you think on Twitter and/or Facebook.

— Dave Yeager, editor
e-News Exclusive
States Must Do More to Screen People at High Risk for Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is the most common cause of cancer-related deaths, yet coverage of screenings for individuals at high risk for lung cancer varies across state Medicaid programs, according to a new report recently released by the American Lung Association. To ensure those who are eligible can access lifesaving lung cancer screenings, the American Lung Association and The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center have partnered on educational initiatives to improve coverage for recommended low-dose CT lung cancer screenings in state Medicaid programs.

According to the report, “Lung Cancer Screening Coverage in State Medicaid Programs,” 31 Medicaid fee-for-service programs cover lung cancer screening, 12 programs do not provide coverage, and seven states did not have information available on their coverage policy. The analysis also found that Medicaid programs varied in the eligibility criteria they used for screening as well as whether they required prior authorization.

“Lung cancer is called the quiet killer, as it has few early symptoms and is oftentimes caught too late,” says American Lung Association president and CEO Harold Wimmer. “Coverage for screening with low-dose CT is critical, and this analysis will advance our work to ensure those eligible with state Medicaid coverage have access to this lifesaving screening.”

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Other Imaging News
smFRET Analysis Inspires Hope in the Fight Against HIV
The University of Montreal reports that, utilizing single-molecule Förster resonance energy transfer, or smFRET, to visualize the inner workings of a virus, researchers have the makings of a strategy to eradicate HIV.

UCSF Researchers Making Strides Against ER+ Breast Cancer
A new initiative out of the University of California San Francisco is using dedicated breast PET, or dbPET, as an effective diagnostic measure in the fight against estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer, according to a study published in NPJ Breast Cancer.

AI, Drone-Based Imaging Helps Track Koalas in Outback
Australia’s Queensland University of Technology reports encouraging results in adapting machine learning algorithms and infrared imaging to keep an eye on the nation’s reclusive, protected koala bear population, according to Scientific Reports.

Raman Spectroscopy Helps Prevent Overtreatment
Johns Hopkins University researchers have utilized low-dose Raman spectroscopy, which employs laser light to examine how molecules vibrate, to analyze cancerous tumors and forecast their response to radiology treatment, according to Cancer Research.
Worth Repeating
“The recommendations put out by specialty organizations—like the American College of Cardiology or the American College of Radiology—show specialty bias in recommending more aggressive and/or more frequent screening procedures. In the US in particular, where the fee-for-service compensation model dominates medicine, which is different from countries like the UK, you see even more recommendations for greater use of health care services.”

Sunita Sah, PhD, MB ChB, BSc (Hons), of Cornell University, regarding an analysis of potential conflicts of interest among medical practitioners, recently published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal
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