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Editor's e-Note
There was so much news at RSNA 2018, we’re giving you a second helping. This month’s E-News Exclusive highlights the predictive powers of medical imaging to spot debilitating diseases in their earliest stages.

We hope your new year is off to a good start, and we’d like to hear what you want to see in the magazine this year. Let us know on Twitter and/or Facebook.

— Dave Yeager, editor
e-News Exclusive

Shoulder ‘Brightness’ on Ultrasound May Be a Sign of Diabetes

A shoulder muscle that appears unusually bright on ultrasound may be a warning sign of diabetes, according to a study presented at RSNA 2018.

More than 10 years ago, musculoskeletal radiologist Steven B. Soliman, DO, from Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, began noticing a pattern when images of the deltoid muscle, the largest muscle of the shoulder, appeared bright on ultrasound. “Every time we would ask one of these patients if they were diabetic, they would say ‘yes’ or they would tell us they were borderline and not taking any medications,” Soliman said.

The observations prompted Soliman and colleagues at Henry Ford to conduct a study to see whether the brightness, or echogenicity, of the shoulder muscle could be predictive of diabetes. The results revealed that by using the echogenicity of the muscle, radiologists were able to predict type 2 diabetes, the most common type of diabetes, in almost nine out of 10 patients.

Brightness on ultrasound also was an accurate predictor of prediabetes, a condition of abnormally high blood sugar that generally progresses to diabetes without changes in lifestyle.

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Other Imaging News
Neuroimaging Initiative Targets Recurrent Stroke
Scientists at the University of Cincinnati, in cooperation with the National Institute of Neurological Diseases, are using neuroimaging to perfect their understanding of small vessel disease—a key risk factor associated with stroke recurrence.

Rapid 3D Imaging Enables In-Depth Analysis of Fly’s Brain
Research merging two state-of-the-art techniques—expansion microscopy and lattice light-sheet microscopy—has enabled University of California, Berkeley personnel to efficiently create a 3D map of the fly brain. This achievement, they say, draws science one step closer to comprehending human brain synapses.

Diffuse Light Tomography Could Help Reduce Breast Tumor Biopsies
Ultrasound-guided diffuse light tomography, which utilizes near-infrared light in conjunction with optical sensors, has been shown to reliably detect hemoglobin concentration in breast tissue. This, according to researchers at Washington University in St. Louis, offers reliable data as to the probability of cancer.

Synchrotron Imaging Reveals Hominin Had Modern Dental Growth
“The Xujiayao juvenile,” a relative of modern humans that lived at least 104,000 years ago in northern China, shows evidence of dental growth and development very similar to that of people today, according to a report from The Ohio State University.
Worth Repeating
“Now that we know the majority of patients feel comfortable reporting SOGI [sexual orientation and gender identity] information, and that they think it’s important for providers to ask, the emergency medicine community has an imperative to collect these demographic data in a more routine, standardized, and patient-centric way.”

Adil Haider, MD, MPH, of Brigham and Women’s Hospital, regarding an initiative to address inequities in the collection of sensitive demographic information in the clinical setting
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