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Molecular imaging is an increasingly versatile medical tool, and new research continues to highlight its potential. Since the SNMMI meeting is scheduled for next month, we’re sharing some recent research and insurance coverage news to whet your molecular imaging appetite.

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— Dave Yeager, editor
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New PET Treatments Add Valuable Information to Brain Metastasis Monitoring

For patients with brain metastases, amino acid PET can provide valuable information about the effectiveness of state-of-the-art treatments. When treatment monitoring with contrast-enhanced MRI is unclear, adding 18F-FET PET can help to accurately diagnose recurring brain metastases and reliably assess patient response. This research was published in the Journal of Nuclear Medicine.

Newer treatment options for patients with brain metastases—such as immune checkpoint inhibitors and targeted therapies—are effective but can cause a variety of side effects. As a result, imaging findings on contrast-enhanced MRI can be highly variable, and it can be difficult to tell whether a treatment is working.

“Essentially, these new treatments have requirements of brain imaging which cannot be met by conventional MRI,” says Norbert Galldiks, MD, a professor of neurology, neurologist, and neuro-oncologist at the University Hospital Cologne and Research Center in Juelich, Germany. “In our study, we tried to determine if adding 18F-FET PET could help to overcome some of these imaging challenges.”

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Worth Repeating
“When you receive an X-ray, a small amount of radiation will get to other areas of your body, but this occurs internally; lead will do nothing to block this radiation.”

Michael Timmerman, of New Hampshire’s Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, regarding his facility’s decision to discontinue the use of a lead apron to shield patients during X-ray procedures
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Other Imaging News
Thermal Imaging Breakthrough Touted as ‘Cloak of Invisibility’
According to the Imperial College of London, a new heat-transfer process incorporating “Peltier elements” has the potential to shield an object from thermal imaging, and even deceive sensors into interpreting one image as another. More information is available in Proceedings of the Royal Society A.

Reflectance Transformation Reveals Fingerprint on Neolithic Pottery
In another development straight out of Q Branch, Archaeology reports that Scotland’s University of the Highlands and Islands has utilized reflectance transformation imaging, a process that compiles data from multiple sources, to recover a latent fingerprint on a 5,000-year-old piece of pottery. Further analysis could yield the age and sex of the potter, the researchers say.

Miniaturized Optogenetics Analyze Brain Function of Mice
Northwestern University researchers report that an implantable wireless device has enabled them to examine the social behaviors and brain impulses of mice in unprecedented detail. By eliminating the connective wires that have compromised previous efforts, this procedure offers a fuller understanding of mice behavior, and can even help shape it, according to an article in Nature Neuroscience.

3D Printing Refinements Promise Improved Implants, Diagnoses
The United Kingdom’s University of Birmingham announces a technique that incorporates a blade of light into the 3D bioimaging process, thereby enabling analysis of the ways live cells are affected by the procedure. Among its many diagnostic and practical applications, the technique holds considerable promise for improving patient implants, according to research published in Bioprinting.
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