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Editor's e-Note
MRI helps physicians better understand all sorts of medical conditions, even when those conditions seem mysterious at first glance. In this month’s newsletter, we’re sharing some MRI news that highlights the modality’s ability to illuminate subtle biological variations.

Although MRI can’t provide all of the answers, it often opens provocative avenues for exploration, as you’ll read below. Let us know on Twitter and/or Facebook what you think about these cases.

— Dave Yeager, editor
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MRI News

MRI Shows Brain Alterations in Personnel Who Developed Neurological Symptoms in Cuba

Brain imaging of 40 US government personnel who experienced a host of neurological symptoms after possible exposure from an unknown source while serving in Cuba revealed significant differences in brain tissue and connectivity when compared with healthy individuals, according to a new report from researchers at the University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman School of Medicine. The findings were published in JAMA.

“The areas implicated in the patients’ brains, namely the cerebellum as well as the visuospatial and auditory networks, align with the neurological symptoms that were observed in the patients,” says lead author Ragini Verma, PhD, a professor of radiology and head of the DiCIPHR (Diffusion and Connectomics in Precision Healthcare Research) imaging lab at Penn. “These differences persisted even when people with some history of brain injury were excluded from the analysis.”

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Perspective Matters
New guidelines from the American College of Physicians have sparked a new round of discussions about breast cancer screening intervals, and experts with contrasting opinions on the subject are weighing in. Read more »

Impactful Decision
The mention of clinical decision support/authorized use criteria changes may have some filled with dread, but the effects of this legislation are not all negative. We take a look at how health care facilities can manage this new requirement and engineer a low-stress transition into their practices. Read more »

Picture This
As imaging displays improve, so does the efficiency and quality of radiological care. Several vanguards of this new technology explain how these improvements refine calibration, accuracy, and color when it comes to medical imaging. Read more »
Other Imaging News
Imaging Breakthrough Allows Scientists to Peek Around Corners
Scientists at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have drawn from traditional methods of optics to view a composite picture of hidden objects, such as those blocked by walls. This technology uses reflected light waves to mathematically detect shapes, and, according to results published in Nature, could help shape the future of imaging.

PET Scans Evaluate Stress Levels of Wild Birds
Using PET scans, Louisiana State University personnel have found that minute amounts of tracers can light up a bird’s brain activity, facilitating study and the safe release of birds into the wild, according to research published in Scientific Reports.

Low Levels of Radiation May Promote Spread of Cancer Cells
According to a study published in Cell Stem Cell, levels of radiation thought safe may provide an advantage to cancer-capable cells. Redox stress is a factor, the researchers indicate, as low-dose ionizing radiation can place healthy cells at a disadvantage.

New Imaging Method Employs Extra-Bright Dyes
Voltron, an imaging tool pioneered by Virginia’s Janelia Research Campus, utilizes new fluorescent dyes to light up neurons in the brain, allowing scientists to track mental activity in real time. The imaging agent flares brighter when neurons are activated, the researchers say, spotlighting the most active regions of the brain.
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“By setting a guaranteed benchmark rate at the median in-network rate, it means that insurers can push doctors out of their network, by cancelling contracts or demanding artificially low rates, in order to make the benchmark rate the default. In California, where a benchmark rate has been implemented, doctors report that insurance companies are already doing this and that Californians’ premiums are rising.”

Megan Taylor, of Physicians for Fair Coverage, regarding California’s newly implemented benchmarking system intended to protect consumers from surprise medical bills
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