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Editor's e-Note
The COVID-19 pandemic has changed many aspects of people’s thinking, including how they prioritize health care. Most imaging centers have likely felt this shift, as patients have postponed imaging that they deem nonessential. Screenings often fall into this category, even though early diagnosis and treatment are widely considered to be the most effective means of preventing major health events down the road.

This change in behavior has affected most practices’ bottom lines in some form or fashion, but with the end of the pandemic still unknown, practices that hope to thrive need to start thinking about ways to allay patients’ fears and communicate the risks of forgoing screening. In this month’s newsletter, we provide some tips for keeping those lines of communication open.

How is your practice managing through the pandemic? Let us know on Twitter and/or Facebook.

Stay safe.

— Dave Yeager, editor
e-News Exclusive
Reopening Your Practice: Four Steps to Recouping Lost Revenue
By Tashfeen Ekram, MD

We are all aware, many painfully so, that the COVID-19 pandemic goes beyond a risk to people’s health. The financial losses radiology practices around the country have experienced and continue to face are very real. As a specialty, it’s critical we address those losses to ensure the health of both our patients and colleagues’ practices.

To offset losses, many clinics are implementing pay cuts and furloughs. But those moves are often akin to a Band-Aid solution to a much larger problem, and they leave the underlying issues unsolved. As we conduct business as usual and plan for ongoing waves of infection, it’s important that clinics implement sound and action-oriented strategies that minimize the damage and set a more solid foundation for our uncertain future.

In radiology, we understand there are unique challenges COVID-19 presents to our patients and practices. Given our focus on screening, patient perception is often that they can delay. With fears around the coronavirus, patients are making choices about what they see as critical vs important care. It’s no secret that nonemergency radiology often falls into the latter category. For radiology practices, when it comes to recouping lost revenue and planning for the future, it is critical to educate and prioritize patients.

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fMRI Isolates Region of Visual Cortex Associated With Word Recognition
Using functional MRI, MIT researchers say they have singled out the “visual word form area,” a region that lights up when the brain processes a written word. The discovery is key to understanding humans’ ability to read, per an article in Nature Communications.

CT Imaging Yields Insights on Crocodile Evolution, Migration
Imaging technology has revealed a link between the extinct African crocodile Crocodylus checchiai and present-day American species, suggesting that the reptiles may have migrated from Africa to America approximately 10 million years ago, according to research published in Scientific Reports.

Fluorescent Technology Offers Real-Time Glimpse Into Molecular Activity
The University of Leeds has unveiled an atomic force microscope capable of rendering images down to the scale of 20 nm. It is the first facility in the United Kingdom to afford real-time insight into molecular interaction with drugs and viruses, the researchers say.

Virginia Passes Legislation to Discourage ‘Surprise Billing’
A newly enacted state law in Virginia protects patients from receiving unexpected medical bills when serviced by out-of-network providers, including radiologists. Such overages will now be the responsibility of the patient’s insurance provider, according to the Independent-Messenger.
Worth Repeating
“They’ll give you an answer no matter what you put in. So, if you put in a picture of a dog, it will tell you if it thinks that it has pneumonia or not, even if it’s not a relevant image.”

Daniel L. Rubin, MD, MS, of Stanford University, regarding challenges associated with federated learning, a global collaborative that pools machine learning advancements without centralizing patient data
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