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March 2023


Multiple Realities
Augmented and virtual reality technology is making diagnostic decisions easier for clinicians.

Incidental Contact
Incidental findings pose a challenge for health care providers. Making sure radiologists’ findings are communicated to referring physicians and followed up in a timely manner has significant implications for patient outcomes.

Watching the Detectors
The robustness and reliability of X-ray detectors are driving the trend of health care clinics searching for optimized workflows and reduced downtimes.

Good Time
Faster MRIs are proven to be better for patients’ comfort and radiologists’ workload, and they do not diminish imaging quality.


Editor’s Note
New Views

AI Insights
AI offers help for radiologists’ workloads by cutting backlogs.

Imaging Informatics
Experts share the best practices for sharing imaging data with patients while also protecting their data.

Ultrasound News
The emersion and advancement of extended reality technology provides a plethora of benefits for sonographers and extends access to health care for the betterment of all patients.

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On the Case
A rare occurrence of gallstone ileus leads to an interesting case.


Second Opinions

January/February 2023


Signs of Trouble
Often, imaging can reveal signs of intimate partner violence. Radiologists and physicians must work together to diagnose and address the issue when they see it.

Developing Trust
AI is being used to automate and standardize image interpretation tasks, improving read times and lessening radiologist workload.

A Better Option
Dense breast tissue makes detecting cancer on mammograms difficult; however, innovative breast ultrasound systems are improving cancer detection for patients with dense breast tissue.

5 Things to Watch in 2023
Check out our annual review of the RSNA conference.


Editor’s Note
A Bigger Picture

Molecular Imaging News
A new PET/CT machine is improving scan times and reducing radiation exposure, especially in pediatric patients.

CT Slice
3D imaging technology used for facial reconstruction may prove useful for radiology departments.

Billing and Coding
Changes to E/M guidelines may offer more opportunities for inpatient billing.

MRI Monitor
An expert weighs in on ways to improve MR imaging going forward.

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On the Case
Radiologists discover a case of ablation-related atrioesophageal fistula.