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January/February 2021


Precision Prescription
In triage situations, seconds count, and never more so than during a pandemic. Given the concurrent priorities associated with social distancing, AI thought leaders have trained their sights on split-second identification of COVID-19 in the lung. 

Another Piece of the Puzzle
In recent studies, emerging research using MRI in Alzheimer’s detection shows promise in identifying its markers in the brain, with possible applications for early diagnosis and symptom progression.

Taking Ultrasound by the Hand
Offering versatility, flexibility, and quick disinfection, handheld point-of-care ultrasound devices may be the right tool at the right time.

5 Things to Watch in 2021
The venue may have changed, but RSNA’s online extravaganza was chock-full as always with insights and developments. Our annual feature spotlights a few of our favorites.       


Editor’s Note
One Year Wiser?

CT Slice
Deep learning innovations are improving dose-reduction prospects for facilities large and small.

Women’s Imaging
Implantable markers offer multiple benefits over traditional wire-guided localization techniques. 

Billing and Coding
For radiologists, evaluation and management coding changes are top of mind for 2021. 


On the Case
Experts analyze a case involving internal carotid artery tandem dissections with pseudoaneurysm.

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