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March/April 2022


Crossing the Barrier
Getting medication through the blood-brain barrier has become a top priority in the medical profession, as early intervention can ward off the onset of diseases such as Alzheimer’s. A new technique incorporating focused ultrasound offers a great deal of promise in the treatment of brain cancer.   

A Joint Resolution
We take a look at recent advancements in embolization and ablation geared toward reducing pain and improving quality of life for those suffering ailments of the knee. 

Virtually Unstoppable
Augmented and virtual reality are roadmapping a two-way street in all aspects of the profession—mentoring, diagnosis, decision support, IR—from the most remote geographical outliers all the way to the patient’s internal anatomy.

Uno ‘Dose Trace’
In an industry where undue stress is already being placed on frontline personnel, we get the scoop on everything being done—including cutting-edge AI-supported metrics—to minimize dose exposure for techs and patients.


Editor’s Note
Springing Forward

Imaging Informatics
A CMIO offers tips for closing critical gaps in care. 

MRI Monitor
A research team demonstrates that intrauterine contraceptive devices can produce hormonal effects detectable with breast MRI.

Imaging Ergonomics
Lessons from a reading room renovation.

Managing to Succeed
We examine key financial trends in the health care sector and dial in on those that are most pertinent to radiology.

On the Case
A medical team differentiates meningiomas from similar mass lesions.


Second Opinions


January/February 2022


A Study in Hipness
As the learning curve on hip replacement surgery evolves, MRI is proving to be a valuable utility, particularly in the event of adverse tissue reactions on the part of those undergoing asymptomatic hip resurfacing and arthroplasty.

5 Things to Watch in 2022
Our annual look ahead at the year to come in radiology focuses on some of the most intriguing developments we’ve noted at RSNA and elsewhere.  

How You Slice It
Longtime contributor Keith Loria takes a deep dive into what’s setting the trends in the CT realm at the dawn of 2022.   

Who’s Minding the AI?
The FDA and other regulatory bodies are contemplating the life-and-death consequences associated with the AI/machine learning industry and weighing in on the oversight of a market that increases in complexity, seemingly on a daily basis.


Editor’s Note
A Little of This, and a Little of That

DR News
It’s always a good time to brush up on cultural competency and how to fully connect with diverse radiology team members. 

Billing and Coding
Take a look at this year’s regulatory, reimbursement, and coding updates that affect radiology. 

Ultrasound News
Research suggests that a wearable head scanner can revolutionize photoacoustic imaging of the brain.

Products and Services

On the Case
In an unusual case, a 20-year-old woman presents with a tubular adenoma of the breast.

Women’s Imaging
We weigh the benefits of radioactive vs magnetic seed localization for patients with breast cancer.


Second Opinions